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Soy Free Plant Based Products

During the increased popularity of plant based foods, we saw a potential gap in the market which wasn’t yet apparent to our contemporaries. We didn’t want to develop a Plant Based product using Soy.

The other main part of the design brief was to make a product that looked, ate, and tasted like meat.

The majority of the design team eat meat. Therefore, we were all very critical of the products on the market that claim to be a meat alternative. The biggest compliment would be for the product to be mistaken for meat.

We have trialled nearly 300 versions of our products, manufacturing processes and ingredients and will continue to do so.

Today, we are proud to show you our product and ask for your feedback. What we do know is the massive benefits of using a Pea Protein over Soy.

Why Pea Protein?

Our Pea is a naturally derived protein from yellow peas.

Peas provide protein, amino acids and minerals that a healthy body needs. They are high in fibre which helps reduce cholesterol. All from that little pea! This is why pea has been important in our diet since time began.

Peas are grown in areas where other plants will fail. This utilises land without the need for deforestation. They are grown in Europe which reduces the carbon footprint of the base ingredient compared to Soy which is largely grown in South America.

Why not Soy?

Soy many reasons why not!

In trials, we simply didn’t like the texture it gave.

We also found the levels of fat in soy based products to be alarmingly high.

We also see increasing backlash in recent news reports and on social media and towards Soy. The major food retailers now have a policy for removing products that cause deforestation. From Chicken feed to processed formed products. We see the use of Soy to be outdated.

Uk manufactured
Allergen Free
Allergen Free
Gluten Free
Low In Fat - Good for your heart
Low in Fat


Data showing the comparison between the Berry Hill plant based burger compared to the market-leading competitor products (correct at the time of writing, 2021)

Typical ValuesBerry HillSoy Free Market leaderSupermarket Soy Burger
Energy480kJ / 114kcal1172kJ / 280kcal793kJ / 190kcal


Of which saturates








of which sugars








* Naturally occurring   ** Protein can be boosted if required

‘Clean Label’

Our plant based products can almost claim a clean of declaration label. We are one ingredient away from making this claim. However, the ingredient in question is actually plant based. (MethylCellulose E461)

MethyCellulose is derived from cellulose, the plant-based fibre, commonly from wood. The manufacturing process is without the use of animal matter or products derived from animal origin. Therefore, it is considered vegan as a food ingredient.

Whilst some retailers recognise it as being an E number to be avoided, others see it as a clean label eligible product as it is derived from plants. We are actively looking for options to replace this ingredient.

Our plant based products

These images show just a few of the products that we currently manufacture.
And yes, these are plant based meat free products!

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